Testing, Testing, Testing!

8.1.0 is nearly ready, I’m doing a lot of testing, and making a few last-minute tweaks.

Although on the outside it might appear to be a minor update, underneath there has been a lot of rewriting.




Updates and Zombies

A couple of weeks ago I discovered Zombicide. It’s great fun, and a perfect distraction from my currently very long coding to-do list. I’ve only had a complete survivor wipe-out once, but it was very sad 😦

I’m still working very hard on the next Xinorbis update. I’ve rewritten the Search panel, and vastly improved its report options.

I’ll be spending another day or two on tweaks, then its testing, and an eventual release in a week or so.

See you soon (unless the zombies get me).



8.1.0 update news

Development of the next major Xinorbis release is moving along nicely. The major changes are now done, I’m now testing, fixing, and looking at other possible improvements.

I’ve simplified the GUI in two main areas:

  1. Folder History and “live” scans now use an identical display
  2. The options side bar now contains fewer options in only two distinct areas.

There is still much to do before release, but I think late July/early August is a reasonable target to aim for.


Face-vote-update: My face now has three votes.

Embarcadero App Contest (feat. Xinorbis)

This month sees Xinorbis take part in the Embarcadero Cool Apps contest (unfortunately they’ve used a picture of me to represent the app on that page instead of a cool graph or something).


Embarcadero is the company responsible for the Delphi RAD tool that Xinorbis is written with.