8.1.0 coming soon

Things are still moving nicely. Hoping to have Xinorbis 8.1.0 out within a week.

I’ve made lots of changes to the GUI, and several things I hadn’t planned, but I’ll go in to more detail once the release is official.




Updates and Zombies

A couple of weeks ago I discovered Zombicide. It’s great fun, and a perfect distraction from my currently very long coding to-do list. I’ve only had a complete survivor wipe-out once, but it was very sad 😦

I’m still working very hard on the next Xinorbis update. I’ve rewritten the Search panel, and vastly improved its report options.

I’ll be spending another day or two on tweaks, then its testing, and an eventual release in a week or so.

See you soon (unless the zombies get me).



8.1.0 update news

Development of the next major Xinorbis release is moving along nicely. The major changes are now done, I’m now testing, fixing, and looking at other possible improvements.

I’ve simplified the GUI in two main areas:

  1. Folder History and “live” scans now use an identical display
  2. The options side bar now contains fewer options in only two distinct areas.

There is still much to do before release, but I think late July/early August is a reasonable target to aim for.


Face-vote-update: My face now has three votes.

8.1.0 :)

I’ve started work on what will be one of the biggest changes to the way Xinorbis operates in its history.

At the moment, there is a big difference between the Folder History data and displays, and the “live” data and displays. It’s been that way for a very long time, and it’s worked well. These decisions have shaped Xinorbis in so many ways; I look at things now I wonder why they’re like that, they could be much better. They’ve forced design choices that could have been better.

However, I think it’s quite a bit more complicated than it needs to be. The next version (which will likely be 8.1.0 and released sometime in July) will remove the clunkyness of the interface, and remove the unnecessary differences between the two main features.

There will be a choice of data source: Folder History or Live (though this could be imported data too). Each display will then operate on the current source. It will still mean that both sets of data can be loaded at once, and there will be no loss of charts/tables/reports/etc. It will mean a tidier interface, and Folder History will get access to everything that the live data does.

As usual, if you have any specific requests or suggestions then send me an email.

Xinorbis 8.0.15 out now!

It’s a day earlier than expected, and full of great stuff!

  • Several bugs fixed.
  • Memory leaks removed
  • Lots of minor improvements (mainly reports, report editing)
  • Scan performance improvements (2-10%)

Have a look at the readme and changelog for more information.

The next version will be in a few weeks. I want to increase scan/analysis performance even further, and this could take some time.

I also want to rewrite the report code, add more report options (and output types), and improve the GUI. Plus, of course, the usual array of tweaks.

Don’t forget to get in touch if you find any bugs, or have any suggestions!

Xinorbis for macOS (plus other news)

It’s not available yet, but I hope to have a beta available this year. It’s always been my plan to have a native Mac port, but I was never sure if it was worth the considerable effort. I think it is.

It’ll definitely be available on the App Store, and maybe also be available via xinorbis.com. There might be a Free version, who knows!

At the end of the week I’ll be releasing 8.0.15. This is going to be an important release with some performance improvements, improved reporting, fixes, and lots of under-the-hood-tweaks.

See you then.