New features

Development never stops at Xinorbis HQ*; as soon as 8.1.3 was released I started working on the next version. I’m not working to a specific release schedule, but early January seems about right.

I’m working on a new data display (which looks awesome already), and I’m also continuing to clean the GUI and improve usability.

I’ve mentioned it before, but some parts of Xinorbis were designed years ago and could do with a rethink. There are a few features that open new windows (file age, etc.) that probably shouldn’t, so they’re going to be the focus for the next release.

And there are a couple of features, like Refresh, that I thought no-one used. It had actually been removed from the code when I received two emails (within a few days) informing me about bugs with it. So I’ll try not to remove anything in future 🙂

Don’t forget: if you have a suggestion for a new feature, report, data display, or anything else really, then please get in touch!

* Well, maybe if I get a bit carried away with Factorio, or Rainbox Six Siege gets an update.


Xinorbis 8.1.3 released!

I released 8.1.3 this morning (a bit later than I expected).

It fixes a few bugs, and tweaks a few things. I recommend that you grab a copy! The included manual has been simplified, and I’ve made a few changes to the online help (which will get regular updates).

I’m always looking for suggestions, so if you have an idea for new feature then please let me know!

Xinorbis Update Coming this Week

I’ll be releasing another update this week. It will fix a few long-standing bugs, and improve some stuff under the hood.

There will likely be at least one more update this year; I have an excellent beta tester who is providing valuable feedback, and is suggesting improvements to things I had long since forgotten about!

It’s unlikely there will be any big new features this year (I might add JSON report output), but there will be lots and lots of improvements and tweaks.

I hope everyone is enjoying 8.1.x!

New Mac app + Xinorbis news

Feltz Mac, my latest Mac app, is now available on the App store link.  It’s the desktop version of my popular and awesome Feltz apps for iPhone/iPad. The Mac version is a 100% rewrite of the iOS code, for optimal performance on the Mac.

Create fantastical scenes using any number of the supplied felt pieces (950+ in the Mac version), and choose from abstract, plain, or picture backgrounds. It’s a lot of fun!


Probably best to go and buy them all now.

Xinorbis will be released tomorrow, October 21st. Probably late in the evening, but it will be available. Get your party hats ready.