Xinorbis’ language engine

So, I mentioned in a previous post that I’d completely redesigned the language engine. Well, it turns out that the tool I’d used to reengineer the languages (and code) didn’t work as I expected.

I’ve spent more hours than I care to count rewriting, and optimising, the language handling code (and data files). I’m nearly finished, but it’s been a big setback (2+ hours per language, 6 languages in total).

Hopefully have everything implemented by Sunday…

Xinorbis update

As you’ve seen from the previous post, the Free version is now available (in 32, 64 bit versions, as a zip or installer), but the Pro version isn’t quite ready.

I’m still making sure everything works, and I’m improving the code so that’ll be easier to add new features and updates over the coming weeks, months and years. There’s about 51000 lines of code at the moment, which means there’s a lot to check through.

The Pro version will be ready within the next week!

Coming Soon!

I’m still working hard on the beta; there are still lots of little things that need fixing or implementing. It’s certainly been a bit more work than I anticipated, but it’s all been worth it.

I’m still finding bugs, but they are getting less and less frequent.

I obviously missed the New Year deadline, but there’s no point releasing something buggy. I’m fairly confident I’ll something out before the end of January!

The end (of the year) is nigh

I’m sure that all the major, show-stopper, stuff is now done. Xinorbis is stable once more! Language support will be missing from the beta, I’ve rewritten language support, and adding in all of the translated text will take some time.

I’m nearly ready for a beta release, maybe today, maybe not quite. There is still quite a lot more to do, though it’s mostly tidying and tweaking.

I’ll be spending most of the rest of today fixing the bits I’ve missed 🙂

Disaster!!! (nearly)

Yesterday evening my code/emulation/stuff hard disk decided to sort-of die.

I lost a bit of code, but it only took a couple of hours to get everything back to where it was pre-sort-of-death. Tens of GBs of C64 tunes and Amiga MODs were undamaged, but 1MB or so of code was trashed!

In the end only a day or so of Xinorbis coding time has been lost.

I say sort-of die, because when it’s installed Windows won’t boot properly. It goes all weird and the screen stays black, with a working-but-broken Task Manager. I managed to restore most of the files from it by connecting it to my old MacBook with a SATA->USB interface.

I tried it with Windows, but the PC just couldn’t read data off it at more than a few kilobytes per second. The Mac managed much, much better, so I spent most of this afternoon/evening getting everything off it.

My backup routine is pretty good, but evidently not good enough!