Testing, Testing, Testing!

8.1.0 is nearly ready, I’m doing a lot of testing, and making a few last-minute tweaks.

Although on the outside it might appear to be a minor update, underneath there has been a lot of rewriting.




Embarcadero App Contest (feat. Xinorbis)

This month sees Xinorbis take part in the Embarcadero Cool Apps contest (unfortunately they’ve used a picture of me to represent the app on that page instead of a cool graph or something).


Embarcadero is the company responsible for the Delphi RAD tool that Xinorbis is written with.

8.0.14 is out

It’s a little bit earlier than I would have liked, but I wanted to get out a fix for a file size bug that was sent to me this morning.

The report editors are in place, and they’re awesome (of course), but they’re not totally finished yet.

I’ve also fixed a bug with the Folder Structure view (crashes), added an option to save the log, and the usual array of minor tweaks and fixes.

I’ve also added a new tool, X.Diagnostic, if you get any strange behaviour with Xinorbis then the output from that would be useful!

I’m still working on updating the online help. It’s a big task, but I’m making decent progress.


8.0.13 released

It’s not Monday, I know, but the help has taken much more work than expected. I’ve had to modify well over 100 pages, and it’s not fun or quick!

To see the new (work-in-progress) help, go here: http://xinorbis.com/help/index.htm

Today’s update includes changes to the help system. Accessing Help will now open the default web browser, and point it to a help file within xinorbis.com/help.

I’ll be making constant changes to the Help files over the coming weeks. There is still a lot to do, but it’s mostly tweaking the text and replacing some very old images.

There’s also a new Folder History display mode: Time Line. For the selected folder, it shows all of the scan dates (and important stats) along a draggable, zoom-able, time line.


Xinorbis’ language engine

So, I mentioned in a previous post that I’d completely redesigned the language engine. Well, it turns out that the tool I’d used to reengineer the languages (and code) didn’t work as I expected.

I’ve spent more hours than I care to count rewriting, and optimising, the language handling code (and data files). I’m nearly finished, but it’s been a big setback (2+ hours per language, 6 languages in total).

Hopefully have everything implemented by Sunday…

Xinorbis update

As you’ve seen from the previous post, the Free version is now available (in 32, 64 bit versions, as a zip or installer), but the Pro version isn’t quite ready.

I’m still making sure everything works, and I’m improving the code so that’ll be easier to add new features and updates over the coming weeks, months and years. There’s about 51000 lines of code at the moment, which means there’s a lot to check through.

The Pro version will be ready within the next week!