Report Editors!

I’ve been spending an awful lot of time getting very acquainted with the Xinorbis source code over the last few months.

One of the big surprises has been how old some of the code and resources are. When I was updating the Preferences window I noticed that the images representing each report type were 7 years old!! I’d seen them hundreds of times before, but never realised 1) how old they were, and b) how awful they were. If you’ve looked at the 8.0.13 update you’ll see they’re much prettier now.

I’ve rewritten thousands of lines of code so far this year; redesigned much of the applications architecture, and fixed many bugs along the way. I’ve improved features which have always worked, but have somehow managed to survive almost untouched for years.

And so we get to the title of this post. The Report Editors are getting a massive overhaul. Each Report type will get their own improved editing window, featuring real-time preview and improved usability.

I started on Saturday with the HTML report editor, and will move through the others in turn.

Reports are one aspect of Xinorbis which will receive a lot of well-deserved attention over the coming weeks.

Look out for these big changes coming to 8.0.14 sometime in June!


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