Updates and stuff

Xinorbis 8.0.12 is now available. I made a slight error which meant the Pro versions didn’t get uploaded properly until this morning… but all versions are now available, sorry about that.

X.Database 1.0 beta is also online for Pro users. If you’re interested in seeing the raw Folder History database data then this is the tool for you.

I’m working on 8.0.13; I’ve already added a cool new display (more coming soon), and now aiming my coding gaze at the Preferences window. It’s not as usable as I’d like so this is going to be my focus for the next few days.

Report generation will likely be my focus after that, with a view to having it ready for 8.0.14/15. I’m thinking of native Excel output, is there anyone reading who’d like that?!

What do you do with Xinorbis reports?

Don’t forget, if you have a suggestion or bug report then let me know 🙂




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