X.Database is the name of the new Xinorbis tool I’m working on.  I’m hoping to release it at the end of the week (maybe earlier).

X.Database allows anyone to get a better view of the raw Folder History data that Xinorbis stores after each scan. The first release is going to let you run SQL queries on the data, export to XML and CSV, and have a general look around what’s been gathered.

It’s not going to be useful for everyone, but I think it’s going to be useful for some. I’m using it for debug, so that’s at least one person that thinks it’s useful…

As some of you know, Xinorbis has been a Delphi-developed application since the first version in the early 2000’s. X.Database is going to be C#, and signals the beginning of a migration of all Xinorbis apps from Delphi to C#. I’ll be posting more on this later today.


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