Weekly updates?

I’ve just finished a long day of coding and testing (it’s 1:33am, so time for bed :(. I’ve fixed quite a few minor bugs, and made lots of little tweaks and improvements. Thank you to everyone that has sent me feedback.

In addition to the obvious stuff that everyone that uses Xinorbis can see, there is an awful lot of stuff going on underneath to improve the code and improve maintainability. I was hoping to finish the rewrite of the scanning code tonight, but it’s too late, it’ll have to wait until tomorrow (well, later today, after bed). Xinorbis’ code is the best it’s ever been, but there is quite a lot of old (5+ years or more!!) code that hasn’t been looked at for a long time. Improving this is one of my main sub-projects (the other being the rewrite of the Help system), it’s not improving performance, but there are bugs to be found, and also some strange things that need to be removed or replaced.

This week’s update (likely Friday) will see a brand new feature, and the usual array of improvements and bug fixes. I’m hoping to make updates weekly for April, after that we’ll see what’s left to do. I want to rewrite the Help system, but that’s something I’ll do over the course of a few weeks.

See you soon 🙂


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