Xinorbis Free version (Pro coming soon)

Xinorbis 8 will be available in three flavours:

Free version. Compltely free, non-time limited. Missing only Folder History and a couple of displays (duplicates and file ages). Available now from

Pro version, DRM free. One-off small fee. Everything. Some testing and tweaking currently taking place, will be ready in a week or two.

I will be sending out registration keys to anyone who has previously donated or provided useful feedback and help. If you haven’t received one by the end of February then send me an email.

Enterprise version. Coming later this year. Currently in development. If this interests you then please get in touch.

Both versions will be in 32 and 64 bit version; installer or zip archive.

(edited: decided Free was a better name than Trial. It’ll never expire, will be updated with all the same bug fixes as the Pro and Enterprise versions, and will be super awesome.)


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