Disaster!!! (nearly)

Yesterday evening my code/emulation/stuff hard disk decided to sort-of die.

I lost a bit of code, but it only took a couple of hours to get everything back to where it was pre-sort-of-death. Tens of GBs of C64 tunes and Amiga MODs were undamaged, but 1MB or so of code was trashed!

In the end only a day or so of Xinorbis coding time has been lost.

I say sort-of die, because when it’s installed Windows won’t boot properly. It goes all weird and the screen stays black, with a working-but-broken Task Manager. I managed to restore most of the files from it by connecting it to my old MacBook with a SATA->USB interface.

I tried it with Windows, but the PC just couldn’t read data off it at more than a few kilobytes per second. The Mac managed much, much better, so I spent most of this afternoon/evening getting everything off it.

My backup routine is pretty good, but evidently not good enough!


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